A TORP holds two litres of beer. This corresponds to about four 50cl pints.

Bring the bar to your home with freshly poured beer.

Amstel 5.0% TORP - 2L Keg
100% barley malt lager, since 1870. Clear, golden yellow beer with an accessible taste. Sweet with a floral touch and slightly bitter aftertaste. Perfect for sharing with friends. 
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Edelweiss Hefetrüb TORP - 2L Keg
Aromas of clove and green apple create a fruity composition. A minimal acidity refreshes the palate before hints of banana and clove round up the drinking experience.
(5/5) on 2 rating(s)
Gösser Zwickl 5.2% TORP - 2L Keg
Austrian Zwickl or Kellerbier, unfiltered and therefore naturally cloudy. Brewed with four different types of malt and Celeia-aroma hop from Leutschach in Styria, Austria. Soft in character with a fruity touch.
(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
Affligem Dubbel 6,8° TORP - 2L Keg
A reddish-brown abbey ale brewed with dark malts. The secondary fermentation gives a fruity aroma and a unique spicy character with a distinctive aftertaste. Secondary fermentation in the bottle. (Serving temperature: 8-10ºC)
And Union Sunday 5.5% TORP - 2L Keg
Craft brewed in Bavaria. Balanced & gently spiced, easy-like-Sunday-morning pale ale.
Unpasteurized. Unfiltered. 8 weeks brewing time.
Zipfer Urtyp 5.4% Torp - 2L Keg
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Austrian specialty, slightly sweet with a refined finish. Brewed with 4 types of hops, which creates a fruity character in a clean, solid lager. 
(4,7/5) on 3 rating(s)
Lagunitas DayTime 4° TORP - 2L Keg
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The beer in this can has achieved what we all hope for ourselves; to be made new again. There is freedom in burning down the house of expectations and it confers an undeniable lightness to being. We didn't invent these truths; they invented us.
Brand Weizen 5,1° TORP - 2L Keg
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Golden, slightly cloudy with a beautiful, sticky head. Ripe fruit such as banana and apricot take the reins here. The aftertaste is very gentle, somewhat fresh and above all well rounded.
(4/5) on 2 rating(s)
Zundert Trappist 10 TORP - 2L Keg
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Here is an authentic Trappist beer rich in taste. This Quadrupel is full of malty notes with caramel aromas. It also has fruity notes of banana, plum and dried fruit, with a slightly spicy touch, ending with a long finish on the palate characteristic of the style ... this beer is available in bottles and kegs of 2L!
Gösser Radler 2.0% TORP - 2L Keg
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Full-bodied Gösser and 100% natural lemon juice team up to ensure a refreshingly light beer experience - the GösserNaturRadler! The dash of natural lemon juice is what gives Gösser NaturRadler its slightly cloudy appearance. The low alcohol content, exclusively natural fructose and the absence of additives make Gösser NaturRadler a unique thirst quencher with a thoroughly harmonious taste.
(4/5) on 5 rating(s)
Vagabund Sessionable Healing 4,5° TORP - 2L Keg
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Packed full with American hops, this low-alcohol India Pale Ale cloaks its light body with bold aromas and flavors of tropical fruits, citrus peel and pine, while embellishing its character with hints of elder flower. It’s a tasty beverage, have it at noon or night—whenever the mood hits you right!
La Rousse du Mont Blanc 6,5° TORP - 2L Keg
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This beer is brewed with pure water from our exclusive water catchment on the slopes of Mont Blanc, and from three different malts : wheat, barley and oat. We wanted a beer that has a full body and malty taste but with a refreshing kick to it. We used a combination of warm fermentation and delicate spices like Hibiscus to give it its ruby colour and full taste with a hint of fruity notes. The result is a very complex yet very balanced amber beer that will blow you away!