A TORP holds two litres of beer. This corresponds to about four 50cl pints.

Bring the bar to your home with freshly poured beer.

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And Union Sunday 5.5% TORP - 2L Keg
Craft brewed in Bavaria. Balanced & gently spiced, easy-like-Sunday-morning pale ale.
Unpasteurized. Unfiltered. 8 weeks brewing time.
Brixton Defiance Gluten Free 4,5° TORP - 2L Keg
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The first ever gluten free beer, sister beer to our super popular Reliance PA, says ‘IN YOUR FACE’ to the laws of nature governing the formation of microscopic cross-links between naturally occurring proteins and SMASHES THE STATE of disulphide bonds between the proteins glutenin and gliadin, to produce this DELICIOUSLY REBELLIOUS fruit salad of a beer, equally enjoyable to those with gluten intolerance, and those who just want a tasty pint.