A TORP holds two litres of beer. This corresponds to about four 50cl pints.

Bring the bar to your home with freshly poured beer.

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  • STYLE: India Pale Ale clear
Lagunitas IPA 6.2% TORP - 2L Keg
This Westcoast-style American IPA (west coast) is a perfect example of the genre: juicy citrus aromas and pine notes reveal the beauty of American hops. The aromas are well wrapped in a sweet malt body, which does not take over anyway.
(4,6/5) on 7 rating(s)
Hofbräu Kaltenhausen Gandolf IPA 7.9% TORP - 2L Keg
Unfiltered, copper-coloured IPA. Tropical fruit dominates the aroma, like mango and pineapple. A little sweet on the palate, with fruity flavours and a biscuit-like maltiness that provides a nice balance to the generous amount of hops. The finish is fairly dry with a hoppy, lingering grapefruit bitter.
(4,9/5) on 8 rating(s)
Brand Session IPA 3.5% TORP - 2L Keg
Come Back Soon
This session IPA is smooth and tasteful. Subtle aromas of tropical fruit and citrus, as you would expect from an IPA. The light body and mild bitterness, which is well balanced with the sweetness of the malt, make it an accessible Session IPA.
(4/5) on 1 rating(s)