The peculiarity of these 5 liter kegs is that they don't need dispenser machine. 

Place the keg for 8 hours in a fridge, and your beer is ready to be served, as it is served in the pubs!

Paulaner Münchner Hell 4,9° - 5L Keg
A true classic of quintessential Munich and Bavarian food and drinks. Clear and sparkling bright golden in the glass, crowned by a pure white head, it is usually drunk in the shade of a chestnut tree according to tradition. A beer which always goes down well: mild, elegant malts with a hint of sweetness and a soft hint of hops in the background. This is pure Bavarian life style!
Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier 5,5° - 5L Keg
This Weissbier is a fresh, fruity beer garden classic – naturally cloudy, shining silky golden under a fluffy white foam crown. Soft, sparkling and medium-bodied, featuring fruity banana notes and hints of mango and pineapple. Fine yeast aroma in the aftertaste.
Krombacher Pils - 5L Keg
Pilsner brewed according to German tradition: clean and crisp in character with subtle hoppy notes of citrus and flowers. Fresh taste with a slightly bitter finish which is in balance with the slightly sweet tones from the malt.
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Delirium Tremens 5L IPS Keg
The most successful product of the brewery Huyghe in a 5L keg! Delirium Tremens is made of 3 different Belgian kinds of yeast. Huyghe Brewery has been in the business for 350 years and its benchmark beer is no less than this excellent one. It has conquered the whole world in less than 10 years thanks to its famous emblem: the elephant.
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Desperados Original 5.9° - 5L Keg
Richness of a universe, power of a name, refreshing tasting, Desperados is a generous beer with the typified taste.
Fischer Tradition 6° - 5L Keg
Blond beer with an intense taste of cereals, with hot malt notes and a light bitterness, Fischer Tradition is the fruit of the purest Alsatian brewing tradition. This beer is certified with its 100% Alsatian aromatic hops.
Affligem Blond 6.7° - 5L Keg
Affligem beers originate from the Belgian abbey founded in 1074. The citrus and tropical fruit notes followed by a malty softness and hoppy character combine to make Affligem Blonde a beautifully smooth beer with a lightly bitter finish.

Beertender Compatible
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Bauhöfer Ulmer Pilsener 5,2° - 5L Keg
Blond beer of low fermentation, brewed according to the style of Pilsener, hopped, fine and spicy flavor. The fine, elegant bitterness of strong hopped beer make ULMER PILSENER for the exclusive premium beer. We only use selected pale malts and .. with the use of German aromatic hops, the highest quality raw materials
Warsteiner Pilsen 4,8° - 5L Keg
Kit without dispenser - with tap
Look forward to this premium international class Spitzenpilsener. Unique: the mild astringent taste. Usually high quality ingredients. Inimitable: exquisite premium character.
Früh Kölsch 4,8° - 5L Keg
From the recipe by Peter Josef Früh of the family brewery, this top-fermented specialty beer features the best ingredients and is brewed according to the German Purity Law. A favorite beer of Cologne, which became one of the city’s original.
Delirium Red 5L IPS Keg
Known worldwide for multi-medal winning Delirium Tremens, Brasserie d’Huyghe now presents its new beer, Delirium Red.
Flavoured with cherry, Delirium Red completes the range of Delirium beers, pouring a deep claret topped by a tight head in its Delirium Beer Glass. It releases sweet and fruity aromas, a blend of sweet almonds and powerful cherry notes of cherry.
On the tongue, Delirium Red demonstrates a fine balance between sweet and bitter flavours, with strong red fruit and cherry notes. There is also a marked flavour of almonds, although the bitterness only reveals itself in the aftertaste.
The whole is relatively sweet and the alcohol remains discreet throughout the tasting despite an ABV of 8.5%.
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Pelforth Blonde 5.8° - 5L Keg
Pelforth Blonde is a top-fermented beer, unchanged recipe since its creation in Lille's Pelican Brewery, in 1921. Subtle taste with a fruity touch and round finish.
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Affligem Blanche 4,8° - 5L Keg
Affligem Blanche is a refreshing beer that merges the light taste of a white beer with the character of a Belgian abbey beer.
Meteor Pilsner 5,2° - 5L Keg
« Meteor pils is a superior qualitu beer and the result of a unique know-how. Made in 1927 by Louis Haag and his son Frédéric, its authentic, exclusive recipe is a skilful combination of nole ingredients, particularly hops from the Czech Republic (Saaz) and Alsace (Strisselspalt). Its pale yellow colour is crowded by an abundant, airy head that holds out the promis of great finesse. Particularly light and sparking, it gradually asserts its smooth bitterness before opening up it rich, floral aromas and offering an intense freshness.