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Affligem Blanche 4,8° - 5L Keg
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Affligem Blanche is a refreshing beer that merges the light taste of a white beer with the character of a Belgian abbey beer.
Affligem Blond 6.7° - 5L Keg
Affligem beers originate from the Belgian abbey founded in 1074. The citrus and tropical fruit notes followed by a malty softness and hoppy character combine to make Affligem Blonde a beautifully smooth beer with a lightly bitter finish.

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Affligem Cuvée Carmin - 5L keg
Beer "Cuvée Carmine" Affligem is distinguished by its red concoction of powerful and complex taste distinguished, specially developed in honor of the protector of the abbey. It is enriched traditional recipe of spicy notes and red fruits that their aromatic vivacity of red fruit shows (strawberry, blackcurrant, blueberry).
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Affligem Glass
The Affligem brewery dates back as early as 1074, when a group of Belgian knights seeking redemption made the decision to become monks. The brotherhood became one of the most influential monasteries in the Flanders region, and went on to build an abbey in Affligem, a Belgian municipality northwest of Brussels. Beer quickly became an important source of income for the Belgian abbey as it continued to grow and build its reputation.

The Affligem abbey has seen its fair share of challenges throughout history. In 1129, a huge fire struck the abbey, then it was further devastated in the fourteenth century during the war between Flanders and Brabant. 
Amstel Glass
100% barley malt lager, since 1870. Clear, golden yellow beer with an accessible taste. Sweet with a floral touch and slightly bitter aftertaste. Perfect for sharing with friends. 
Bauhöfer Ulmer Pilsener 5,2° - 5L Keg
Blond beer of low fermentation, brewed according to the style of Pilsener, hopped, fine and spicy flavor. The fine, elegant bitterness of strong hopped beer make ULMER PILSENER for the exclusive premium beer. We only use selected pale malts and .. with the use of German aromatic hops, the highest quality raw materials
Birra Moretti Glass
Try Birra Moretti beer!  Discover and enjoy its unique taste, a beautiful blend of hops and fine malts. Whether you want Birra Moretti bottles included in a case, SUB Kegs or Blade Kegs, with the Birra Moretti family you will always find what you are looking for!
Bitburger Glass
The classic Bitburger - a mature and most agreeable beer - is brewed with the best of ingredients in the same traditional way it has been for many, many years. The result is delicately tart and pleasantly bitter - with a strong hop taste.
Chouffe Glass
La Chouffe is an award-winning beer, brewed by Brasserie d’Achouffe in Achouffe, Belgium. This now iconic beer has a charming and inspiring history. Founders and brothers-in-law, Chris Bauweraerts and Pierre Gobron, brewed their first batch in 1980 with a starting capital of just €5,000. They set up shop in a small shed. Only after three years did the beer finally get its name: La Chouffe. Currently, Brasserie d’Achouffe brews several thousand hectolitres of beer per year and the iconic gnome logo can be found in more than 40 different countries.
Delirium Glass
Brouwerij Huyghe is a Belgian family brewery, located in Melle, East Flanders and was founded around 1900. The brewery is mainly known for the Delerium beers. The Delerium Tremens saw the light in 1988 and has since been filled in striking white bottles. Most recognizable are the pink elephants on the labels. The recognized Belgian Abbey Beer Averbode is also brewed by Brouwerij Huyge. Traditional Belgian beer in its best shape.
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Delirium Red 5L IPS Keg
Come Back Soon
Known worldwide for multi-medal winning Delirium Tremens, Brasserie d’Huyghe now presents its new beer, Delirium Red.
Flavoured with cherry, Delirium Red completes the range of Delirium beers, pouring a deep claret topped by a tight head in its Delirium Beer Glass. It releases sweet and fruity aromas, a blend of sweet almonds and powerful cherry notes of cherry.
On the tongue, Delirium Red demonstrates a fine balance between sweet and bitter flavours, with strong red fruit and cherry notes. There is also a marked flavour of almonds, although the bitterness only reveals itself in the aftertaste.
The whole is relatively sweet and the alcohol remains discreet throughout the tasting despite an ABV of 8.5%.
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Delirium Tremens 5L IPS Keg
The most successful product of the brewery Huyghe in a 5L keg! Delirium Tremens is made of 3 different Belgian kinds of yeast. Huyghe Brewery has been in the business for 350 years and its benchmark beer is no less than this excellent one. It has conquered the whole world in less than 10 years thanks to its famous emblem: the elephant.
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Desperados Glass
Desperados is a beer brewed by Brasserie de l'Esperance. Desperados is a full bodied Lager enriched with the taste of tequila. Desperados provides a unique taste experience, combining the sweetness kick of tequila with the bitterness of top quality beer. The end product is an intense taste and drinking experience that is both tasty and refreshing. Desperados was first brewed in France in 1995 by Brasserie Fischer (Heineken owned since 1996). It is now sold in more than 50 countries. Desperados has also been brewed in the Netherlands since 2012.