Guinness Draught 4.2° - Can 50cl
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Guinness Draught 4.2° - Can 50cl

Usually called Draught; sometimes called Cold or Extra Cold - same beer, but served colder. Abv ranges from 4.1 to 4.3 % depending on where it was brewed - Guinness exports a hopped and concentrated wort to regional breweries who then brew it on site.

Launched in 1961. 

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Guinness Draught 4.2° - Can 50cl

Black body,  yellow creamy head, very persistent. Wonderful creamy texture of the foam (due to nitro, I know). Moderate roasted aromas, somewhat buttery. Beer tastes tastes bitter and sour. Bitterness coming partly from hops, partly from strongly roasted malt. Sourness makes it refreshing. Some dark chocolate in the background. Long lasting bitter aftertaste. Palate is very mild and watery: this is not a strong beer. In summary, this is a rather simple, easy to drink, refreshing beer. Yet, despite its simplicity, this is so well composed (with a perfect balance between the strong coffee like roasted bitterness and the bit of sourness) that this is still a very enjoyable classic.

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By on  04 Feb. 2020 (Guinness Draught 4.2° - Can 50cl) :

Top beer

Guinness Draught is quite possibly my favorite macro brew. Hints of caramel, roasted barley, coffee & chocolate are prevalent in this stout. The wonderfully creamy head is an amazing characteristic of Guinness Draught that simply cannot be understated. It’s drinkability is out of this world. Tasty, complex, readily available, and ideal for cold weather. Yep, I’m going the full monty here. THIS IS A 5-STAR BEER!

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By on  02 Feb. 2020 (Guinness Draught 4.2° - Can 50cl) :


Many a night have I "tore the hole off a few black ones" surrounded by good friends and warm characters. No beer comes close to this in terms of cultural importance and deliciousness. If there were Guinness cows I'd drink it from the tit. If there was Guinness rain I'd be out there in me jocks with me mouth open, showering in it, relishing in it, becoming it. From the debate around the perfect pint, to "splitting the G" on their famous glass, "Mothers milk" is perfect, and I'll fight any man who rates this below a 5/5.

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