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Edelweiss Hefetrüb TORP - 2L Keg

Edelweiss Hefetrüb is a wheat beer produced by Brau Union Österreich, a prominent Austrian brewery. "Hefetrüb" translates to "yeast cloudy" in English, indicating that this beer is unfiltered and retains its natural cloudiness. Edelweiss Hefetrüb is known for its distinctive fruity and spicy notes, a characteristic imparted by the special yeast strain used during fermentation. The beer often exhibits a hazy appearance, typical of traditional wheat beers, and has a smooth, refreshing taste with a slightly sweet undertone. The inclusion of malted wheat contributes to its creamy mouthfeel, making it a popular choice among beer enthusiasts who appreciate the unique qualities of wheat beers.

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Edelweiss Hefetrüb TORP - 2L Keg

Cloudy straw, fluffy head and plenty of lacing and rising carbonation. Aroma of ripe banana with spice and herbal hints. In the mouth, rich frothy texture at first that gives way to slightly sour dryness, minimal sweetness, flavours of banana, cereal and spice with a medium-length finish. Overall, a fresh, spicy and crisp Weizen, not bad at all.

White & Wheat
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By on  16 March 2023 (Edelweiss Hefetrüb TORP - 2L Keg) :

Another fantastic beer from Edelweiss

This wheat beer seems to be a little cloudier than the regular Edelweiss wheat but it’s just as good if not better. I wish my Sub was bigger than 2 liters because this doesn’t last long.

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By on  18 May 2022 (Edelweiss Hefetrüb TORP - 2L Keg) :

Like an old friend

3 years ago, I visited Bayeux, Caen, and Paris. I discovered Edelweiss beer on tap. Returning to the US I tried to find the delicious taste of Edelweiss but it was not to be. Recently, I came across a website that listed a number of beers, low and behold, Edelweiss was among them. Although it was available it was a world away in Belgium. It would be a bit steep, price wise, I had to make the effort to enjoy that remarkable taste. I ordered two 2L canisters. The arrived in good time and nicely packaged. Not knowing how to open the containers I put them on ice and researched further. I discovered a really nice dispenser and ordered it. I was finally treated to an ice cold glass of Edelweiss and was transported back to a remarkable time and place. It was delicious and I thank you.

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By on  26 Apr. 2022 (Edelweiss Hefetrüb TORP - 2L Keg) :

Favorite beer of all time!

I live in the United states, I have not been able to find this import since the 1990's. Thanx to sub-torp for importing this treasure.

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